Welcome to the Spring Awakening with Salut’s Bloody Well Infusion Kit: An innovative twist on the classic Bloody Mary, blending traditional flavors with ingredients focused on wellness and renewal. This kit offers a vibrant take on your favorite brunch cocktail, perfect for the blooming season.

Revitalize Your Springtime Drink:

  • LIQUID: Combine this wholesome mix with vodka for a spirited spring celebration, or opt for a non-alcoholic version for a refreshing tomato-based mocktail. Reimagine the classic Bloody Mary with a nod to the health-conscious and the season's new beginnings.

  • LEAVE: Allow the organic tomatoes and a bouquet of robust spices to intertwine in the fridge, infusing their flavors to craft a nutritious and invigorating elixir that echoes the vibrancy of spring.

  • LOVE: Serve this enhanced twist on the traditional Bloody Mary, adorned with fresh, nourishing garnishes, as a homage to taste and well-being. Ideal for hosting a revitalizing spring brunch, selecting a wellness-oriented gift, or indulging in a personal moment of springtime rejuvenation, the Bloody Well Kit invites you to celebrate the guilt-free, rich flavors of spring. Embrace the balance of the beloved cocktail’s zest with a contemporary, health-conscious twist.

Ingredients: Organic Tomatoes, Organic Moringa Leaf, Fresh Garlic, Zesty Lemons, Organic Cayenne Pepper, Organic Himalayan Salt.

Serving Size: Prepare up to 10 vibrant drinks from each bottle, each offering a 1.5 oz pour of spring vitality.

Re-infuse with Health in Mind: Relish in up to three full-flavored infusions per bottle, each new round presenting a milder yet equally enriching taste experience, perfect for the lighter days of spring.

Note: Alcohol not included. For the freshest taste, store in the refrigerator and consume water infusions within 1-3 days, ensuring every sip is infused with the freshness and promise of spring.

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