We love infusions & think they are a fun & easy way to add flavor & nutrients to your drink--whether it be a cocktail, mocktail or flavored water. 


In technical terms, “infusion is the process of extracting chemical compounds or flavors from plant material in a solvent such as water, oil or alcohol by allowing the material to remain in the solvent over time”.
Which basically means, you can add fruits or herbs to water, oil or alcohol and over time, the liquid will soak up the compounds and flavors. You can think of it like a cup of tea. When you add a tea bag into hot water, after a little time, you get a cup of tea. 


When we talk about “blends” we’re referring to the actual fruit and herb combination that makes up each recipe. For example, the Salut Berry Beautiful blend includes Organic Strawberries, Black Currant Tea, Organic Hibiscus Flower, Organic Hawthorn Berries, Organic Goji Berries and Monk Fruit Powder.

At Salut, we create unique blends using the highest quality dried fruits and dried herbs. We never source anything with preservatives or additives. When we develop a blend, we research superfood ingredients that have their own known health benefits, then we test countless combinations using familiar ingredients, mixed in with more rare and special ingredients. 


We’ve always been relatively health-conscious, but when we started exploring infusions, we became more observant with what we were consuming. Check the ingredients label! They say “you are what you eat” and the same is true when it comes to what you’re drinking. Sure, there are easy mixed drinks and seltzers that claim to be healthy, but are they really? While they may be better than other drinks out there, why pass up an opportunity to have a drink that is 100% all-natural? Salut plant-based infusions are 100% all-natural and in our opinion it doesn’t get any better than that.