One day, two best friends, Hannah and Hannah,
decided they were tired of settling for drinks made
with mysterious ingredients and loads of sugar.
In a world full of so many healthy food choices,
they felt like these options weren't available when
it came to happy hour. They set out to create
a drink they could enjoy without feeling guilty
using only all-natural ingredients and zero added
sugar. Salut makes botanical cocktail and mocktail
infusions using specially curated organic dried
fruits, flowers and herbs that are known to have
health benefits. Salut is on a mission to bring you
real moments with real drinks.


We’re here to raise glasses and standards. We believe you’re not only what you eat, but you’re also what you drink. And you deserve a drink option made with real, functional, all-natural ingredients. We believe “healthy” is more than a buzzword and we’re done settling for drinks full of added sugars and mysterious ingredients. We want ingredients from the earth, not a lab. Let’s create real moments with real drinks. We’re planning a new type of soiree with drinks you don’t have to feel guilty about and one with an inclusive guest list. The table is set, it’s time to pass the Salut.