Dive into Spring’s Embrace with Salut’s Love Elixir Kit, perfect for enhancing intimate moments. Infused with Organic Pineapples and Oranges for a mood lift, Coconut for sensual awakening, and Damiana Leaf for its renowned aphrodisiac effects, this blend enriches connections, making every sip a celebration of love and spring renewal.

Crafting Your Sun-Kissed Elixir:

  • LIQUID: Choose your favorite spirit or a refreshing non-alcoholic base to create a love-infused mocktail that toasts to your unique connection.

  • LEAVE: Allow the tropical blend to steep in the warmth of your kitchen or the coolness of the fridge for 1-5 days, blending summery love with exotic spices beautifully.

  • LOVE: Serve this amorous mixture under the glow of a sunset or the gentle light of a moonlit evening, enhancing the natural connection and warmth between you and your partner.

Every sip of the Love Elixir is like a verse from a springtime romance ballad, perfect for enjoying with your partner or reflecting on the beauty of love itself. Embrace your relationship with a symphony of flavors that serenade the senses. 🌹🌞💖

Ingredients: Organic Pineapples, Organic Oranges, Organic Coconut, Damiana Leaf.


Serving Suggestion: Mix up to 10 radiant drinks from one bottle, each measured at a delightful 1.5 oz.

Re-infuse with Passion: Enjoy up to 3 refills from one bottle, with each infusion capturing the essence of initial spring passion. Keep the flames of romance burning brightly, as vibrant and refreshing as the season itself.

Note: Alcohol not included. For the freshest experience, infuse and store in the refrigerator. We recommend consuming water infusions within 1-3 days for the best quality and flavor.

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